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Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Michelle Strelley explains the role of a Financial Adviser.

What exactly does a financial adviser do?

As a financial adviser I can offer so many things – a wide range of different products and services – and I can help with financial circumstances at different stages of a person’s life. Typical things are savings and investments, pensions, insurance, mortgages, tax planning, estate planning, retirement planning or just support with family finances.

I’m here for someone at the start of their career where they might be thinking about saving to buy a house or setting up a pension, to later in life when they’re thinking about what to do with their retirement funds.

Everybody’s situation is so different, which is one of the reasons I love doing what I do so much. No two people are the same, so you don’t end up with the same result every time.

When should I see a financial adviser? At what stage in life?

It could be any time really. You might want to set up a pension, or review pensions that you already have. Or you might be thinking about investing, perhaps if you have come into some money, through inheritance, for example. Or you have something that you want to save for, such as your children’s future education, a college fund or to buy their first car.

So it really can be at any stage in your life. You might be heading towards retirement: you’ve done all this before and are now thinking about what to do once you stop work. Speak to a financial adviser like myself and we can explore what you would like to do in retirement.

Things do change in life. As advisers we tend to review people’s plans at least once a year as part of the service. A lot can change in a year, as we well know. So much has changed within a matter of months, so people’s goals and aspirations can evolve frequently. We just rejig their plan in line with how their life is moving.

What’s the process? What would happen if I called you up today?

If you called me today we would have a basic chat about what you’re looking for, what you’re looking to do and the reason you called me. There’s always something that made you want to look for a financial adviser in the first place.

Then we would get you booked in for a nice, comfortable chat, and in that first meeting I would go through everything with you, to look at your goals and what you’re looking to establish in future. We’ll explore your personal circumstances, your aspirations and any concerns that you might have for your future.

We can talk about the economy and investing, all that sort of thing, and answer any questions you may have. I will just collect a bit of information about you and your financial circumstances. I’ll also establish your experience with investing, your attitude to risk and what your capacity is to withstand any kind of losses.

What else should we consider when talking to a financial adviser?

Just don’t be afraid! Although it can be quite daunting, we have a lot of knowledge and experience and we’re really happy to help you with your plans for your future. As an individual I find it really exciting to hear people’s goals for the future, what they’re saving for, what they’re planning and how they will spend their retirement. So just speak to us and see how it goes.

The value of investments and any income from them can fall as well as rise and you may not get back the original amount invested

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